About Videssence

The Original and Still the Best!

In 1980 the Founder of Videssence developed the first fluorescent lights for the TV studio.
The advancement of camera technology coupled with the high color rendering properties
 (CRI) of the new compact fluorescent lamps and the proliferation of electronic ballasts, made fluorescent lighting for broadcasting a very viable alternative to high wattage, heat producing incandescent and halogen. In 1989 Videssence won awards at NAB for their new fluorescent studio fixtures.

In 2000, under new ownership, Videssence had an engineering facelift.  Fixtures were re-designed for maximum performance and new innovative products were introduced.  The new Videssence raised the bar on performance standards by utilizing new reflector designs and material with 95% reflectance, the competition was again left to follow.

Videssence also introduced fixtures for Video Conferencing and Distance Learning in architectural spaces. This recessed ceiling series of “Soft” fixtures provided much needed lighting solutions for the increasing market of video-conferencing spaces. Additionally Videssence introduced small, light weight fixtures for portable kits, and the worlds only patented, adjustable beam fluorescent. ThePower KeySeries which are true innovations in theIndustry.

In 2009 when the LED industry came of age (for the high standards of Videssence) Videssence introduced a line of LED fixtures.  The ExceLED Series. These optically engineered fixtures, with their low wattage, extremely long throw performance, have again raised the bar for fixtures for the Studio, film and theatre.

For 25 years Videssence has incorporated new technology and improved their product lines to create fixtures that provide unparalleled broadcast images, less power consumption, and cool operation
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  • Lighting fixtures & Systems for Studio, Broadcast & Video
  • Portable lighting Kits for Studio, ENG & Mobil Media
  • Corporate Video Conference & Distance Learning fixtures for Architectural Spaces
  • LED Lighting fixtures ExeLED series for Studio, Video, film, theatre  and stage

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